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Sanctuary Restoration Update

Bloomfield Township Dignitaries' Endorsements

The Church on the Green thanks the following dignitaries for their endorsements of our Sanctuary Restoration Project,

- Mayor Michael J. Venezia Click here to see the Mayor endorsement letter

- 28th District Assemblyman Ralph R. Caputo Click here to see the Assemblyman's endorsement letter

- Councilman Carlos Pomares Click here to see the Councilman's endorsement letter

BPCOG Repair3
1a) Balcony pews have been removed from to provide access to the east and west walls during stabilization. 1b) Scaffolding and a working floor has been installed to protect the pews, balcony, chancel and organ from falling plaster. 1c) A view from the balcony of interior scaffolding erected to protect the organ, chancel, pews, and woodwork in the sanctuary.

BPCOG Repair2
2a) The east wall of the church is buttressed to prevent collapse before stabilization work can begin. 2b & 2c) Interior plaster ceiling being removed to reduce weight stress on the defective trusses.

BPCOG Repair2
3a) A view of the east wall after buttressing has been installed. New trusses and roof elements will have to be installed so that these steel buttresses can safely be removed. 3b) Work begins on the installation of scaffolding to protect the interior of the sanctuary. 3c) Walls have been opened to determine the extent of the damage due to the faulty roof system.

BPCOG Repair
Views of the east wall with the buttresses installed.

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