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News and Events - February 2013


Congratulations to Rev. Ruth Boling, who was installed by the Presbytery of Newark as Designated Pastor of the Bloomfield Presbyterian Church on the Green on Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 2:00 pm.

The installation service with representative from the Newark Presbyterian Church (left), Parish House Choir (far center), residents, Guests and members of the Bloomfield Presbyterian Church
The installation service for Pastor Ruth Boling (Pictures by Debbie LeDoux)
Pastor Ruth Boling with family and friends
Members & guests enjoyed the Luncheon & Reception with cake after the installation

CLICK HERE >>> for Pastor Ruth installation Sermon by Teaching Elder Birda Ferguson

Click below for the two articles from the local newspaper. Reprinted with permission from the Feb. 7, 2013 issue of The Independent Press of Bloomfield

CLICK HERE >>> For Page 1 article on Pastor Ruth Boling's installation service, via the newspaper's Essex News Daily webpage

CLICK HERE >>> For the Page 5 article of the newspaper - A conversation with Ruth Boling

Congratulation to Eric Maciag!!!

On February 3, 2013, during the church service, Eric Maciag was awarded and presented with the God and Family emblem which is part of the God and Country Awards sponsored by PRAY (Programs of Religious Activity with Youth). Eric earned this award as one of his Cub Scout requirements for advancement by working with a counselor of his choice (Mr. Arlett) over a period of 6 weeks to complete a variety of activities and assignments revolving around family and faith and how they are the foundation of life.

Pastor Ruth Boling presented the award to Eric Maciag, with the proud parent, Scott and Dale, Sister Rebecca, Uncle Glenn and Bruce Arlett Sr.
Bruce Arlett Sr. and Eric Maciag during the service reading

Souper Bowl Sunday...A WINNER!!!

January 27 - More than 70 people enjoyed 16 delicious soups and raised $821.64 for the Building Fund at last Sunday’s Souper Bowl. Susan Turnbull and John Dye did a great job for getting the event organized, along with the Fund Raising Committee, 7 restaurants and 9 Members who contributed the soups, and help from various other church members, a great job was done and a great time was had by all.

Everyone is having a good time and enjoying their soups
John, Susan, Pastor Ruth and Bill on the podium
The band Narrow Escape, the soups, Eric and Susan present the prize to Rudy
Prize winner & Certificates to participants, Debbie, Carol, Barbie, Le, Sharon, Nora, Andrew
Prize winner & Certificates to participants, Heather, Dale, Rafael, Diane, Fran, Diann

Restaurant participants - Town Pub, Pandan, Bloomfield Steak& Seafood, Brookside Thai, Anthony's Cheesecake, Cousin's, Senorita

Rev. Ruth Boling and her Husband Carlos
Welcome Rev. Ruth Boling!!!

The Rev. Ruth L. Boling officially started the worship service on November 25th, 2012. The congregation welcoming the Designated Pastor to the pulpit. After the service, the Congregation celebrated and welcomed Pastor Ruth and her family to the church and to the community.

The Congregation celebrated & welcomed Rev. Ruth Boling

Thank You, Elder Bruce Arlett Sr.!!!

As the congregation prepares for the coming of a new pastor, it took time on Sunday, November 18 to thank Elder Bruce Arlett, Sr. for his worship leadership during the past eight months. The worship service was a time of praise and thanksgiving to God for His many blessings. In his sermon, Bruce reminded the congregation that we are called to be faithful, and we are called to be family - to reach out to another in love, to apologize and to forgive one another where there is need, to speak words of hope and kindness. Following the worship service, there was a luncheon to honor Bruce for his faithful witness. The church family enjoyed this time of good food, warm fellowship and the opportunity to personally greet and thank Bruce. We look forward, in faith, to the future as the Rev. Ruth Boling begins her ministry with and among us..... Clerk of Session: Ethelyn Fulton

Elder Bruce Arlett & family celebrated with the Congregation


Recently, we received some good news from our engineers regarding the Sanctuary. After extensive research and measurement, it has been determined that we will not have to disassemble and rebuild the east wall. The design of the new trusses will stabilize and tie in the entire structure. This will save us nearly half of the cost of restoration as well as a tremendous amount of time. The engineers and builders are completing final plans for construction. Assuming that all goes according to schedule, we might be back in the sanctuary by Christmas this year.

BPCOG Repair2
June 17 - More Scaffolding are erected inside & outside of the Church. The East Wall is being repaired, with most of the sanctuary's ceilings were removed & being replaced
BPCOG Repair2
April 22 - Scaffolding are erected outside of the Church & inside of the Sanctuary, to repair the ceilings & the east wall. The plaster will be removed & the blocks will be reseated. Most of the east wall will be rebuilt on the new foundation
BPCOG Repair
April 8 - Major structures are being repaired; the foundation has been repaired with new sidewalks. The steel beam supports were placed to protect the wall from collapsing, in preparing for the repairs of the sanctuary's east wall

Bloomfield Presbyterian Church Members, Family & Friends Condolences

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