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News and Events - April-May 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Church Members Participated in the 146th Annual Bloomfield Memorial Day Parade - May 26, 2013


"Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee," was our opening hymn on Sunday, May 5, 2013, and joy was in the air as we welcomed six new members, along with four children and a teenager. Our joy spilled over into the coffee hour as we shared cake, punch, smiles and hugs; from Pastor Ruth.

Reception of new members during the Sunday service by Pastor Ruth
The Congregation welcoming the new members
The new members with Pastor Ruth during the coffee hour with the welcoming cake


April 26, 2013 - Brunswick Bowl, Belleville, NJ

Bowl-a-thon 1
Bowling - A sport for people with talent to spare.

Bowl-a-thon 2
Thank you to everyone who came out to watch, mingle, and cheer on these intrepid athletes.
Bowl-a-thon 3
Fellowship, Food, and Friendly Competition
Bowl-a-thon 4
Many of us are looking forward to next year's event already and perhaps one day resurrecting the bowling alley in the church basement.

==> Click here for a Video Montage of the Event.

Hallelujah...Christ has Risen!!! Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30AM

Easter Sunrise Service at the Bloomfield Presbyterian Church on the Green

The Easter Sunrise Service was held outside in front of the Church, on the green


March 2013 - You might not see it, but Both Scott Imhoff and Goldstein partners have been hard at work on the Church on the Green. Imhoff & Co. have completely re-roofed the Education Building. Additionally, they have continued demolition within the sanctuary in preparation for new roof trusses and ceiling installation. Goldstein Partners should have final designs ready for summertime work to begin. Letís wish them all well and hold them in our thoughts as this project continues. All the best!

February 2013 - Recently, we received some good news from our engineers regarding the Sanctuary. After extensive research and measurement, it has been determined that we will not have to disassemble and rebuild the east wall. The design of the new trusses will stabilize and tie in the entire structure. This will save us nearly half of the cost of restoration as well as a tremendous amount of time. The engineers and builders are completing final plans for construction. Assuming that all goes according to schedule, we might be back in the sanctuary by Christmas this year.

BPCOG Repair3
March 31 2013 - The west Wall is being repaired, all the Sanctuary's ceiling are removed and more scaffolding are erected to support the repair, and the East wall are also being repaired.

BPCOG Repair2
June 17 - More Scaffolding are erected inside & outside of the Church. The East Wall is being repaired, with most of the sanctuary's ceilings were removed & being replaced
BPCOG Repair2
April 22 - Scaffolding are erected outside of the Church & inside of the Sanctuary, to repair the ceilings & the east wall. The plaster will be removed & the blocks will be reseated. Most of the east wall will be rebuilt on the new foundation
BPCOG Repair
April 8 - Major structures are being repaired; the foundation has been repaired with new sidewalks. The steel beam supports were placed to protect the wall from collapsing, in preparing for the repairs of the sanctuary's east wall

Bloomfield Presbyterian Church Members, Family & Friends Condolences

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